1. Moth Dust Photography: First Blog Post and My Beginnings as a Documentary Photographer

         Hey all! So, in my usual fashion, I was reading about the history of photojournalism when I received this wonderful idea. See, I am beginning photojournalism courses at the International Center of Photography in a week, and will be shooting much more regularly and publishing more polished assignments. Why not start a blog to share all of the interesting things I learn and photograph with the world? 

         As soon as the idea struck, I leaped out of bed and began writing. 

         In case you haven’t been up to date with my life or education (more frequently updated on my facebook page), I have been preparing for school by reading my textbooks cover to cover. The more I read, the more I feel like this is the profession I am designed for. Photojournalism enables my natural curiosity and allows me to share my world with other people. Photography can enable political change, inspire individuals, and bring tears to a viewers eyes. Photography widens a viewers perceptions of the world and can promote tolerance, empathy, and thoughtfulness to other cultures and hardships.

         This is a POWERFUL medium, and as an artist, I feel excited to take it on. 

         I am currently reading Photojournalism: The Professionals Approach by Kenneth Kobre. (Click on the title if you are interested in perusing the book for yourself; I included the link on amazon)
    The amazing thing about this book is not only does it give you full knowledge of how to start as a documentary photographer, but it gives history, technical information, legal information, and on top of it all - it reads like a damn good novel. Full pages are given to photo essays which make you gasp out loud and cry (and yes… I have cried a few times) and I would recommend it even to a novice photographer if only for the images and stories. 

    My goal for this blog is to provide exciting photo essays, both my own and by other artists, helpful technical information you would not receive in a beginners handbook, and personal experiences as I venture into the world as a photojournalist. I hope you enjoy it! 


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